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A Roller Coaster of Emotion

04 March 2019 12th Health
A Roller Coaster of Emotion

Life has many ups and downs just like a roller coaster. It purposefully throws our emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. The level-headed ones are able to control these different extremes and bring them back to a point of calm.

Just like a roller coaster you cannot move the pieces of the track if you are plummeting down from a sudden high. You will still be experiencing the emotion associated with that part of life. However, your mindset makes all the difference. You can choose to Look Down or Look straight ahead. So what do these two experiences look like in life?

Looking Down

Looking down can create a spiral of negative thoughts. Why am I here? Why me? Is the roller coaster going to break? What if…!?

Negative suffering can last even after an event has taken place. You may be off the roller coaster but your mind still chases historical thoughts. Now asking questions such as why did I choose? It is all your fault? How do I avoid these situations again?

Looking Straight Ahead

No matter where you are from the height of joy or travelling to the lows of life, looking straight ahead brings perspective. It gives you a chance to look ahead and not look at where you are now. Your mind begins to understand and perceive the reality of this roller coaster, it naturally swings from highs to lows and can have twists and turns. But one thing remains constant, you!

By looking at life from this lens it provides an opportunity to pause and throw a positive and intelligent light on your situation, whether high or low. So that you are not lost within your own emotion.

Here are a couple of practical tips to assist with looking straight ahead:

  • 1.Develop a purpose in life

We tend to shy away from the big questions in life, such as why am I here? What is my purpose? It is like when we want to write an essay on a subject. The planning of the essay is key to progression, direction and completion. A lot of us shy away from the planning and dive straight into the subject, as usual we get lost and hit a wall. Try answering the difficult questions first, they will help to provide direction in your life. Find a quiet or comfortable location, take a piece of paper, write down your name in the middle and brainstorm some ideas. Let your mind free and write down your dreams. Once you feel you are done, take a step back put your pen down and look at the whole picture. Where is it that you want to take your life? What is important to you?

  • 2.Gratefulness

Gratitude is coming up more often in the health and wellness sphere to de-stress and calm the mind. However, it is not something new. Religions and cultures over centuries have discussed the importance of being thankful for everything you have and for moments of growth. Sometimes we dismiss gratefulness because we force our minds to believe that there is nothing to be thankful for. This is not true, everybody can be thankful for opportunities and experiences they have had in life. A patient of mine who has been through close family deaths and illness has still found the opportunity to be grateful by helping others who may be going through similar challenges. Without knowing she has shown her gratefulness through her actions. Practice gratitude every night before bed, just pick three things you are truly grateful for.

Try these two tips and write to us with your experiences. I am continuously trying to use these approaches in my life and they have made a massive difference to my level headed focused approach to life.