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Beat the cold this winter!

09 November 2018 12th Health
Beat the cold this winter!

I was buying a meal deal from Boots today, which involved carrot and hummus snack, a green smoothie and a nice vegan friendly parsnip, beetroot sandwich on brown bread. As I went up to the aisle to pay for my lunch an advert caught my eye. It said:
‘ Beat your cold this winter!’

We all want to try stay as healthy as possible during this winter so I was intrigued to see what they thought would help me. Underneath this advert was a fully packed shelf of Sudafed, Nasal sprays, Lempsip and Cough syrup. If we pause for a moment we will realise that each product is designed to cater for a particular symptom that may be present during a cold or flu.

So, lets actually find out what is a common cold…

The cold is a viral infection that occurs after your body has been exposed to one. There are more than 200 different strains and the number grows all the time. Usually when your body comes into contact with a virus through air or in your gut it goes through a series of processes to analyse it and start an immune response. The job of your immune system is to REMOVE it from your system. How does it do this:

  • 1.Make your nose runny to release the germs
  • 2.Increase your body temperature to help immune cells switch on – through a fever
  • 3.Make you cough the germs out
  • 4.Stop your muscles from overworking so you can deal with the virus
  • 5.Decrease your appetite so it doesn’t have to deal with any other viruses or bacteria
  • 6.Make you sleepy – switches on your rest and heal response

So aren’t all of these things a good thing? They get rid of the virus that you don’t want in your body! Instead of taking tablets that prevent all of these mechanisms why not beat your cold by aiding your body to do what it does best, remove unwanted viruses! Try:

  • 1.Taking more rest
  • 2.Drinking plenty of water to flush out the germs through your waste systems
  • 3.Mini fasts – don’t force feed yourself, drink water and eat very small amounts
  • 4.Stock up on anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, turmeric and garlic
  • 5.Increase your antioxidant foods such as berries, carrots, oranges and green tea
  • 6.Avoid dairy, caffeine and highly processed foods.

Guess what…they are cheaper with no side effects and scientifically proven to be much more powerful than what humans can whip up in a laboratory. Medication has its place and is required in certain circumstances, but for the vast majority of us who wish to truly beat the cold this winter try keeping things natural.