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Food Food Food

09 November 2018 12th Health
Food Food Food

Food. Food. Food. It seems like in todays world everything we do revolves around food. Whether it is going out with friends, weddings or simply a business meeting. The food that is present is the key turning point to whether the event was good or poor. We are surrounded by different companies talking about healthy food, packaging material in a ‘so called’ healthy manner and showing TV documentaries to prove one school of thought over another. We have diet X and diet Y each with their own personal stories that have made them famous but also seen negative results. So what truly is healthy eating?

If we strip away all the different discussions surrounding food and go back to what the principle of eating is in the first place, we come to the simple conclusion that:

‘Eating is important for our body to gather the right nutrients to help us build, recycle, restore, re-energise, remove waste, oxygenate and ultimately to maintain our existence’

This sounds like common sense, and that is because it is. We don’t need to have a PhD in nutrition to know that our bodies need food to maintain our existence. However, what we forget in our day to day life is the fact that we need the right nutrients to help with all these processes. Obviously if we only have one type of nutrient in excess then our body won’t have the right stuff to perform optimally, it will turn on itself and break down. We are all fully aware that different types of foods carry different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. God wonderfully coloured the world with a variety in different locations based on the needs of the environment. Have you ever wondered why particular fruits grow better in different climates? Yes, it is because their components help with living in that environment.

So why then do we fall into the trap of poor food choices. Firstly, it is not totally your fault! We live in an era of quick and easy meals because we just don’t have time. The food industry has the good intention of making the process of eating easier for you, but they have missed out on educating on the nutritional values. Your emotional state, financial situation, upbringing and culture all play a role in the way in which you choose and cook food. In order to keep things simpler try printing this and placing it on your fridge ( Amelia Freer Positive Pyramid ), this food pyramid provides a positive approach to looking at food. Rather than fixating on what not to eat, how about we focus on what to eat. Try this out and leave a comment with your thoughts.