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Knee Pain

05 October 2017 12th Health
Knee Pain

I remember the day that I stepped awkwardly and twisted my knee. I was hobbling down the street and grimacing with pain. The ability to walk is a gift! It allows us to take advantage of the opportunities in life, to climb upon the mountains, to explore the jungles and to move through the world.

When this gift is affected we truly understand the gift of walking. To understand the reasons for pain in the knee we must understand that it is a joint that is simply made up of two bones. The shin bone and the hip bone. Both of these meet at the knee. Therefore, the knee listens to what is happening at the hip and what is happening at the ankle. If those joints are not working properly then the knee joint decides to try and help them out, unfortunately it is not designed to help too much. When it tries to help too much we put our ligaments under stress, our muscles under stress and ultimately the joint under stress. More information on the anatomy of the knee can be found at our How the Body Works.

Commonly someone with knee pain may complain of a locking sensation, stiffness around the joint, giving way of the leg, clicking when bending the knee and swelling of the knee. There are many structures in and around the knee and it is important to understand the mechanism of how it was injured and also assess the knee to figure out which structure is being affected.

Want to try out some Exercises?

The knee joint loves variability - check out a few of our key exercises to help knee pain on our YouTube channel.