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Lower Back Pain

10 October 2017 12th Health
Lower Back Pain

If you have come across this article it is most likely that you are suffering from lower back pain. It is only when we get lower back pain that we understand how it impacts our life. Those of us who have suffered from lower back pain will be able to tell you how it effects so many aspects of daily life. From sitting at work to the sport you love to simply playing with your kids in the back garden on a nice summer Saturday.

If this is you, then you are probably screaming at your computer screen asking for a solution. You have probably seen many articles, videos and websites describing and teaching you about how your lower back works and providing a list of possible solutions. If not, please follow the link to our Lumbar Spine page which provides a more detailed description and pictures on how our lower back functions in movement.

So what are the solutions to relieve lower back pain?

Firstly, it is key that we understand that there is no magic pill to suddenly cure your lower back pain. Common medication given for lower back pain are painkillers or anti-inflammation drugs. Although these may take the edge off the pain or even fully mask the pain they are not the reason for healing and usually the symptoms keep coming back.

Our bodies naturally heal, think about a cut that you have on your hand. If we leave it alone it will begin to fully heal. But now imagine if someone was slapping this cut every day on a constant basis, will it heal? In the same way we must understand what is stopping the lower back from healing.

There are multiple reasons for why this may happen. From an anatomical viewpoint, the lower back is the transition zone between our hips and our upper back. If we have joint restrictions or previous injuries to these two areas then it could possibly be the reason for why the lower back has been overworking and injured. You can refer to our Lower back page for more information on the actual structures, muscles, ligaments that can be affected in the lower back.

In an acute lower back injury that has happened from carrying something heavy or reaching to pick something up it is important to understand the mechanism of injury and look at your whole-body mechanics. Unless you have had a direct trauma to the area, you have probably been irritating your lower back for a long time before this injury. This can lead to chronic lower back pain if we have not understood the mechanics that have led to the back pain in the first place.

However, there are other factors which could be leading to poor healing and keeping your lower back pain constant. This could range from stress, poor nutrition or previous medical history. This is especially important when your lower back pain has become a chronic lower back pain that has been there for many years. If this is the case, we need to take a step back and look at your body as a whole taking into account all the possible reasons for why you are not recovering. It may be an easy solution to take painkillers or go for an injection, and although these options are not to be dismissed they do not look at causes for your problem and therefore will only provide short term solutions.