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Why Worry?

07 November 2018 12th Health
Why Worry?

The way we think impacts the way we act. The way we act impacts the mind, the body and the soul. It all depends on where our mental focus is. None of us are constantly motivated and constantly positive, we always have ups and downs and moments where we could use a helpful TED talk or motivational video to wake us up. Being aware that you will have moments of downs and how to convert these negative thoughts into positive ones is key to keeping a healthy life.

Studies on how the body is affected by a negative spiral of thoughts shows us that levels of stress hormones increase, our heart rate increases, breathing rate increases and fatigue kicks in. Our happiness molecule called serotonin is reduced and if days pass with no progress then there is a deepening of negativity.

Don’t hide away at this point, human interaction is key to assisting us in extracting our thoughts and viewing them from a far. If you can view your thoughts and see your thoughts from a far, you will begin to understand that you are not your thoughts. If you were, then you would never be able to step back and view them. There have been moments I have sunk into my negative thoughts, telling myself I am not good enough or beating myself up for not doing the things I should be doing in life. Here is a practical step that I have taken, try it for yourself and leave a comment below about how you felt.

Take a piece of paper or an iPad with a mind map tool on it and write down your problems, all of them! It doesn’t matter how silly you think those thoughts are just put them down on paper. Explore the deepest parts of your brain and really try and dig out all the reasons why you are feeling these negative thoughts.

Once you have completed this task, you will probably be feeling quite exhausted since it takes a lot of energy to extract all these thoughts. Now pause, take a short break. The first positive outcome is you will suddenly be feeling like you can relax since all your thoughts are on that piece of paper and that piece of paper is not going anywhere right now. Once you have had your break then return to your piece of paper. As you read through your thoughts one by one go through each and follow the method on this video.

As you go through each one in this manner, you will slowly sieve out the thoughts that are just there to make you think and are not really problems, from the thoughts that are problems but currently don’t have any solutions and finally the thoughts that are problems but have a solution. What you will end up seeing is that out of all your negative thoughts there are only very few that actually are a problem and have a solution. If you can already solve them, then prioritise them and complete them. Simple right? Give it a try. Having a clearer mind can help to re-stabilise the bodies internal balance.