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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Kinetic Podiatry - Frozen Shoulder Treatment

'Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness of the shoulder. It's also known as adhesive capsulitis or shoulder contracture. The symptoms tend to gradually get worse over a number of months or years. You'll typically experience shoulder pain for the first two to nine months, which can be severe, followed by increasing stiffness. ' - nhs.uk

Frozen shoulder does have a particular pattern of symptoms that start with severe pain to stiffness. There can be a number of factors that cause the symptoms but hands-on treatment and exercise can help to minimise the pain and improve the stiffness. Our treatment involves less direct techniques to the shoulder itself as we take a more global approach in maintaining the function of the surrounding joints and tissues. In this way your daily tasks can be achieved with less impact on the shoulder, allowing it go through complete healing.