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When someone says the word 'exercise' some of us glow with joy, but most of us smile and nod with a heart that says 'Oh my!'. But what if exercise could be made fun? What if you could train with your family, including your kids?

What if you had a personal fitness coach that was unique in their approach understanding your scenario before creating your programme?

Our personal fitness trainers not only have a unique approach but also work alongside our osteopaths to target the areas you need to recover, lose weight or return to peak performance. 

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Hire a Home Personal Trainer

Our at home personal trainers provide a great opportunity for you to reach your fitness goals while staying at home. They design clever ideas that will be fit for your home and still get you exercising as if you were in the gym. 

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Our Services - Personal Trainer

Raza Jagani

With a background in professional football, Raza’s passion for health and fitness has always been at the forefront. His experiences have allowed him to develop into a unique trainer. With 2 years of experience he now specialises in corrective exercise and sport specific training. We all have ‘chinks in the armour’ and Raza is adept at correcting weaknesses in joint function, while improving how you look and feel. In training with Raza, you will experience fun, effective, and challenging training sessions which will undoubtedly guide you to achieve your goals.


"I broke my leg in two places and feared that playing sport again would be unlikely. After a 4 month layoff I came to Raza to get into shape and start playing again. After 12 weeks of training I am back to playing the sports I love and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. I was impressed by Raza’s ability to provide variety whilst turning my weaknesses into strengths. Raza has taught me how to take care of my body using a combination of mobility, flexibility, and strength training which will serve me well for years to come."

Our Services - Personal Trainer

Anish Chauhan

ACFITNESS UK (www.acfitnessuk.com)

Anish used to be an accountant working for highly powered and fast paced organisations such as Wembley National Stadium and River Island Clothing. He became a personal trainer after suffering from poor posture, lower back pain and occasional high blood pressure due to the demands of work. His background makes him ideal for family and couples looking to improve their fitness levels. He understands that the demands of work and family life can be stressful and that taking care of your health is not always at the forefront. Anish loves to create new exercises for you to enjoy and is great with getting your kids involved with you.


"...I had recently given birth to my second child and was determined to lose my pregnancy weight. I was not too sure if the program Anish had set aside would work for me but I kept an open mind as he was so passionate about would he could achieve. The time I have been training with Anish has been smooth and more importantly flexible to my needs, which has given me a new found inner confidence. I'm so pleased with the weight I have lost, but also the new found energy, and I've noticed how friends and family have complimented me on my appearance, and most importantly to me my weight. It's been great and I've learnt a new way of keeping fit, and how nutrition is also key to a healthier lifestyle..."