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Osteopath Treatment

Osteopathy is a form of health care that prevents disease and maintains a patient’s health and well-being through techniques of manipulation, aimed at the muscles and joints of the body. Osteopathy treatment primarily focuses on the relationship between the spinal column, the nervous system, circulatory system and a patient’s nutrition. It also combines focused corrective exercises with lifestyle factors to target and treat the cause of symptoms.

Osteopaths will refer patients to other health care providers if the patient’s condition is better treated through other medical approaches.

Our Osteopath clinic is conveniently just a 15 minute walk away from Harrow & Wealdstone Station and Harrow-On-The-Hill station in London, and in the vibrant town of Hall Green, Birmingham with neighbouring Shirley and Sollihul.

Sports Performance Analysis

Our analysis of sports performance follows a unique blend of being authentic to a client’s chosen sport and an applied functional science methodology. The human body is a complicated system which does not only achieve performance through musculoskeletal (MSK) factors. In fact, the MSK system only follows the lead of other systems in the body such as the neurological and visual systems.

It is for this reason that our methods on the analysis of sports performance are closely linked with coaches, sports vision specialists, sports doctors and sports psychologists.

Golf Performance

The physical components that make up a golf swing are as important as the skill of hitting the ball. If you are restricted in areas of the body that are key to the loading of a golf swing then this can change the path of your swing and your contact speed.

The Golf Performance System organises, sequences, and delivers individualised golf-specific training programs to clients.Leveraging more than 240 golf-specific movements, the system empowers the movement practitioner to "prepare the body to make the swing"

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Having an operation is not an ideal situation and we would all love to avoid this last resort. However, due to injuries or wear and tear an operation becomes a much needed intervention.

Personal Trainer

When someone says the word 'exercise' some of us glow with joy, but most of us smile and nod with a heart that says 'Oh my!'. But what if exercise could be made fun? What if you could train with your family, including your kids?

Pregnancy Treatment

Providing the best journey for your child begins during the pregnancy phase. Pain can affect this process, creating unwanted stress and anxiety and prevent you from good preparation for the birth of your child.