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Sports Performance Analysis

Kinetic Podiatry - Sports Performance Analysis

Our analysis of sports performance follows a unique blend of being authentic to a client’s chosen sport and an applied functional science methodology. The human body is a complicated system which does not only achieve performance through musculoskeletal (MSK) factors. In fact, the MSK system only follows the lead of other systems in the body such as the neurological and visual systems.

It is for this reason that our methods on the analysis of sports performance are closely linked with coaches, sports vision specialists, sports doctors and sports psychologists.

Applied Functional Science

Currently, we are suffering from a gap between effectively analysing a sportsman for his chosen sport and determining the right training to help recover from or prevent injuries. As an example, footballers are still training on a quadriceps extension machine in one plane of motion. We know that when they are out on the pitch they turn, twist, jump, land, sprint and tackle. In these 'authentic movements’ the quadriceps function in a very different way.

At 12th Health we are qualified in the use of 3DMAPS and use a 3-step process of analysing and designing principles for training that are individual and unique to that client. One size does not fit all and so we do not have protocol exercises.

Stage 1: 3DMAPS Sports Performance Analysis

3D MAPS is a functional screening tool that address all 66 motions of the human body. With its unique outlook on functional movement it enables a sports performance analyst and the client to observe mobility and stability successes and dysfunctions throughout the entire body. With the use of slow motion cameras, we can take a three-dimensional view of a client’s entire movement pattern and relate it to their particular sport.

This information can be shared with coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and other therapists to create a unique, personalised programme for that individual to help either recover from injury, prevent future injury or take the next step of boosting performance. This system is unique and is currently taking root in some of the major NBA teams in the United States. The Houston Rockets and Charlotte Hornets have both implemented this system and seen results. Please watch the following video for more information on what they are doing with this system: https://vimeo.com/183989863

Stage 2 - Hands-on Osteopathic treatment and analysis

We understand the human biomechanics of movement and therefore our therapy targets the specific areas of need that will assist in the most authentic, real-life and quick recovery of players back to the sport. We are not like any other osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor. Our approach is based on principles of movement, principles of real life and principles of the sport at hand. This section is required for any individual who is taking part in high intensity sport. It helps support the musculoskeletal system, drains the excess lymphatic fluid and assists in the slide and glide mechanisms of the musculature.

Stage 3 – Fitness/Strength and Conditioning Programmes

12th Health works with the trainers and coaches to design bespoke strength and conditioning training programmes based on the science of movement, the anatomy of the human body and the key areas that needs to be kept healthy to prevent injury. This is our final section of rehabilitation, whereby a footballer can feel strong enough to return to sport and the coaches can drive them to ultimate performance. This circuit can easily be adapted to make functional and strength gains through strength and conditioning theories and applications.

Our Services - Sports Performance Analysis

Sport Performance for Athletics

In athletics the smallest changes can make the difference between medal positions and beating your personal best.

Our sport performance program for athletes involves a thorough analysis to provide a complete view of your mobility and stability. In addition to this, the way we approach treatment and training is authentic to your aims and also your chosen event. For example, for a 200m sprinter we must consider the bodies motion around the bend and the position it puts the body into.

The communication between therapist and coach is a key element to reaching to your best. 


Our Services - Sports Performance Analysis

Sport Performance for Football

The game of football involves multi-directional movements with variety of needs from sprints to passes to jumping headers. It is important that we understand the nature of the game as our work as therapists. In order to prevent injury, or return a player back from injury or simply improve performance – the key is to find the cause of dysfunction and the movement that relates to it.

12th Health offers effective football strength and conditioning treatment. 


Our Services - Sports Performance Analysis

Sport Performance for Golf

The bio-mechanics of golf may seem easier than a sport that involves a lot more movement. However in golf it is not just how the joints move, but also the timing, the speed, the mindset of a player and a players unique type of swing. All of these need to be considered – a starting point is to know how the body functions in the swing and be able to identify the areas of the body that may be causing an injury, restriction or could lead to an injury. One size does not fit all. Every swing is unique and therefore treatment and training must follow these principles. It is key to cross-reference this with your swing coach.      


Our Services - Sports Performance Analysis

Sport Performance for Tennis

A founder from the Gray Institute aptly regarded tennis as the triple tasking sport of watch, run, swing with multi-simultaneous drivers being used form racket head, vision, foot positions, opposite arm drivers and the list goes on. We can only try to break down the types of shots one might play in a game and use this to identify where the dysfunction maybe. By using our understanding of the anatomy and bio-mechanics we can then draw conclusions around the cause of the injury/dysfunction/restriction. Here we must work closely with the coaches and trainers.