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"...I heard that Zain provides tailored made care, it has helped me with my lower back pain so that I can enjoy playing golf..."

Ali Walji

"...I was holding an injury, and it was holding me back from getting the most out of my performance..."

Raza Jagani

"...He put me on a rehab plan, which has tremendously improved my game...I have seen osteopaths over the last 30 years, but Zain is completely something out of this world..."

Shabbir Jagani

"...rather than a few clicks which is a normal osteopathic approach, it has been a more dynamic approach..." 

Ronny Munster

"...I recommend Zain because he has kept my body in shape in the last 3 years in order for me to participate in the sport that I love..." 

Kesi Oludoyi

“...Zain helped me a lot this month to build my body, so I can run fast. He released my ankle and he treated me well, so thank-you zain for all the stuff.”



Jacque Boussage

"...Zain being an excellent example of this that I have referred to on many ocassions"

Anish Chauhan